See More Features ButtonMy Pocket Church app is dedicated to keeping all its customers and potential customers informed. Here we have collect some of the most frequently asked questions relating to church app development and our "Content Management System." Please reveiw and contact us with any questions. 


Why My Pocket Church app development?
We have been developing apps since 2010. My Pocket stands by its brand and challenges anyone to find a negative comment about our services. Our customers simple love our focus to details and superfast customer support.  My Pocket Church has the creditability and experience. Simply put, we are ethical and proud of the work we do with churches.
Why does my ministry need to go mobile?
What is a My Pocketâ„¢ Church app development?
How many mobile apps are on your platforms?


What is Flat Fee Pricing?
My Pocket Church has create a flat fee pricing model. You pay $2,500 for two-years. If you want to contiune after the two-years, you pay per-year at $1,250. This included the development cost and monthly fees.
Is iTunes / Apple apps difficult to get approved?
What happens if I don't pay my app account fee?
What platforms does My Pocket develop apps for?
Do I need to know coding to manage my church app?
Can the church app be developed in other languages?
How long does it take to develop and publish a church app?
Can I have multiple locations in one church app development?
Is it true you can transfer from another company with no development fees?

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